An Oblivious And Delusional Presidency

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The president might as well shut its mouth if his administration cannot fully deliver on its promise. It is better to keep mum about things rather than be accused of breaking their own words.

You cannot really predict what would happen for the coming years since we are not really in full control of everything even though we are at the highest position in government. Everything still lies on how united and committed the lower ranks below us are.

We cannot promise paradise to our constituents as we are not an all-powerful or omnipotent being that can have everything done in one simple wave of a hand. We cannot do absolutely anything. Everything has to be perfectly aligned with the objective of others. This translates to mean we may be always over-promising and under-delivering.

What can you expect from a presidency that is obviously oblivious and delusional? Nothing but empty promises based on unfounded expectations. Disillusioned realities seems to be at the top most eyesight of the president that her sister might do better as president.

Who is to blame? We wanted revenge from a former leader who fooled us into believing she would be better than her predecessor. I have always wondered why we have never been lucky to have a president who will not let us down.

But is the president really the perpetrator of our miseries? Or is he just another victim of foolish people under him who are neither equipped with the political will to strive for change? We seem to have a never-ending cycle of failed presidencies that it saddens everyone to think change would always be elusive for many of us.

After all, who would have the courage to slam against the tyrannical conglomerates and corporations that has forever rose above everyone else. The riches of our society only belongs to the select few who have continued to persist as the authoritative clans that have enclosed us under their umbrella. We will forever be slaves to the same people who have continued to fool us from the very beginning and passed on to many generations.

Is there still hope for us? We will never know until we wake up to admit it is high time we strike against worshiping the all powerful and elite. We should be helping the lower class to rise above their sorry state and patronize only the meek. Give our other brothers a chance to succeed.

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