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It's what a blog should be. A daily journal of almost everything that transpired during the day. From Day 0 to 365 - or whichever is the last day of the year for me. (Yeah I know it's a leap year for 2016 but it seems awkward to call it Wazzup 366 when most of the years are just 365).

I am not sure if I would be able to discipline myself to write every end of the day, but this is an attempt to bring back what blogging was meant to be, while I continue with another one that has evolved throughout the years.

This means I will be focusing on two blogs. One would be about the world, and one would be only about my life.

My journal will begin on Day 1 and will be written at every end of the day as a wrap-up of everything that went on during the day. There might be throwbacks coming from previous experiences or memories, and there might also be aspirations for what the future may hold.

Still, it would all be about my thoughts and opinions, whether you may agree or not.

Who cares if it's a leap year for 2016. I begin every year like its 365 days. It's my blog. My rules.

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