Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow: Wallow in the Wow

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For every spectacular sunset, there would always be an equally spectacular sunrise to appreciate.

We are lucky to be witnessing this splendid view almost every day except when it cloudy or rainy. But still it remains an awesome sight every time the weather cooperates. 

Looking back throughout the years (eventhough I'm just approcahing my thrid year for Wazzup Pilipinas), I can't help but to wallow in the wow. Being able to receive perks like these are always appreciated. Though some people may look at it as being materialistic and others perceive we are only after these freebies, bloggers do not really intend to hoard everything we can get from the different events we attend, or the many ex-deals we are able to close. 

2015 was very good to me. I can proudly say my achievements were more than phenomenal. However, there are still others which I was not able to please. They continue to become leeches waiting for opportunities to strike whenever they sense you have done some shortcomings.

But I am not going to irritate myself just because of people who are obviously mentally unstable. I will continue to wallow in the wow. Just as I did yesterday, and those days, weeks, months and years before that. I will take the awesome memories with me as I traverse an epic future.

Today I am wallowed in the wow everytime I took a bite of the yummy food that we were able to order because of the GCs. It only took us to add a few hundred pesos to settle our bill. The GCs helped a lot because we may not have taken the time off to go to Slappy Cakes just to have lunch. Remember that it was a only a day after the New Year so there are still a lot of left-over food back at home. 

What we celebrated that day was not the perks of being a blogger but the chance to bond together as a family with special thanks to the fact that it would not have been possible if I were not a blogger. Not everyone gets the opportunity to receive the same.

As bloggers, the perks and freebies we receive are not payments for the article we wrote about a product, service or company. They are souvenirs from the experience of being able to be a part of a launch, a press conference, and every other activity we get to be invited.

Permit us to wallow in the wow because they are simple joys that we love to cherish.

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