Never Lost My Green Thumb With My Organic Plants

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I was given to kinds of organic plants, whose names I could not recall, during my visit at Tagaytay, Cavite for a two day event with the Automobile Association of the Philippines and Petron for their Cavite Drive-Tour Caravan. We roam around the different tourist spots of Cavite for two days including popular "pasalubong" areas.

One of the owners of a farm we visited gave me two kinds of organic plants as a gift. Since I am living at a condo-type bliss, we had no pots and dirt for plants. Thus this will be among my few plants to take care of.

I was worried that they might just die and it will be such a waste. I even almost gave them away to a friend but I was glad I kept them because it's my second time to see them flower - and what a wonderful sight every time.

One had bluish-violet flowers, and the other one had yellow ones.

If you are ware what they are and what they can be used for, please do let me know so I can maximize their functions as organic plants.

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