Stray Bullets and Drunkards

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It is a great disappointment to still hear news about indiscriminate firing of guns during New Years Eve regardless of the numerous victims that were reported from the previous years.

I usually end my night watching the news where they also give us a wrap-up of what happened from last night's New Year's Eve celebration. Aside from the many fireworks display done in different parts of the world, the many reported firecracker victims who lost limbs or died, and the fires that struck neighborhoods where houses are made from light materials, the other terrible news shared were about these stray bullet victims.

It saddens me a lot that there are still people who give very little importance to innocent lives. I have personally witnessed people who have fired guns as a form of celebrating the holidays - Christmas and New Year. It is shameful that I did not have the guts to stop them during those early years when I was still more concerned of trying to blend in with the norm.

Do we have a responsibility of reporting these incidents? I doubt it would be easy for a person to come clean as the people involved are the same people who were supposed to be our guardians against crime.

Yes! The same people who were assigned to uphold peace and order are the same people who violate them. These policemen, their friends and relatives who gained access to firearms, and those who transact related business ventures are prime sources of unregistered guns that are mostly involved in stray bullet incidents. Stay bullets that killed innocent lives when they fell back to the ground.

I am not claiming to point the finger on all of them. But they are mainly responsible on why these guns and bullets have reached the hands of the careless and stupid people.

These indiscriminate firings usually happens the moment they get drunk after a day of drinking binge. Their arrogance comes out when their too drunk to even care. They brag about possessing weapons that only aims to kill. How many news have we heard where all criminals involved ended up dead? Too many!

It seems power and authority to govern and control were not meant to be given carelessly to people because it usually results to eventual psychological problems. Most men cannot resist the temptation to abuse. When people get comfortable handling the same position for several years, their deeds start to rot. The good intentions deteriorate and turn sour.

We have heard so many times that with great power comes great responsibility. There is always a need for us to be reminded not to stray from the good path. To trek the path less traveled has always been difficult for many yet it would be easier if someone would always be there throughout the trip.

Obviously, the guns and bullets are not our enemies. It is the people who misuse and abuse these weapons. Similarly, power and authority should never have been detrimental to our righteousness. It is the moral foundations of men that seems weak and unstable.

We are not assured when these stray bullets and drunkards would totally be a thing of the past. We can only be sure if we start changing our ways - starting with whom we would put into position in government this year. Enough with the traditional politicians who have fooled us with their sweet promises. The time for change was yesterday.

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