Healthy Binge Eating During The Holiday Break

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No events mean having to stay at home and do nothing but movie and TV series marathon while munching on lots of food stacked on the fridge and drawers.

There were also a lot of left-overs after the holiday breaks so there's no stopping big old me to continue splurging on the delectable goodies.

Though I quickly feel bloated even after just a plateful, I keep on repeating the process almost every two hours.

It's addictive. I can't help it. I may be browsing the Internet and social medias all throughout the day, I can't help grabbing some snacks to keep me occupied.

Not to mention the overly slow Internet connection, I have to wait for my movie to buffer before I can completely watch a video. I had it with my Internet Service Provider! They are forever a misery.

So I resolve to binge eating healthy alternatives - fruits!!!

I stayed away from softdrinks, fatty food like pork and beef, and avoided mayonnaise!!

I hope it works.

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