Solstices and Equinoxes

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Solstice is the astrological transitions that happen in June (summer solstice--the longest day of the year) and December (winter solstice--the shortest day of the year).

This is what inspired the Solstice, a modern European restaurant concept by Joseph Assad of One Way Restaurant, and Jackie Rodriguez, the innovator behind the Bistro Group (TGI Fridays, Italiannis) and Global Restaurant Concepts (CPK, IHOP), to be all about transitions.

However, according to an article I read, "both owners have moved on from their previous projects and invested on this new homegrown 8 Rockwell restaurant. The restaurant menu will start with One Way dishes and then evolve as they feature known chefs every three months, to showcase their cuisine for a week and leave a few recipes. They will also feature Indian food on Mondays and Mediterranean cuisine on Tuesdays."

This will be an interesting restaurant visit soon as we got invited to try their dishes next week a few days before Valentines Day. Stay tuned!

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