A Family Feast at Mesclun Restaurant and Cafe

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M is for Mesclun which means a salad mix of assorted small, young salad green leaves, that originated in Provence, France. It's also the name of the restaurant at The Linden Suites which became our family weekend dining destination for our meals during our stay.

They were all so generous enough to let us order anything we want from the menu. Now that's pampering to the extreme. They even wanted to treat us for some snacks on the same day when we arrived but night time was already fast approaching so we settled to wait for dinner instead to make room for their fabulous menu.

Read more about our awesome Family Feast at Mesclun Restaurant and Cafe of The Linden Suites at http://www.wazzuppilipinas.com/2016/01/mesclun-restaurant-and-cafe-festive.html

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