A Scandalous Affair with a Delusional Dimwit

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Are you mentally balance? That is the question. It must be intentional. That is the assumption.

But then again, let me throw back the questions at you?

Are you delusional? For believing you were the first one to use the brand when you very well know, you started your name with only one Z, while I had the two Zs to begin with.

When you changed your domain name with a double Z, did you see me argue with you? Even though your intentions were not learned by many, I'm sure you know why you did that act.

You wanted to avoid the confusion. Yet you still retained the old domain pointing to your new domain.

BTW, our brand is not the Pilipinas or the Philippines, for your knowledge and guidance. You can't own the words Pilipinas or Philippines exclusively and they are terms so widely used.

We may not be the first ones to use the brand name, but still, I was the leading blog using that when I started it. You were even one of my members who joined my group and even attended my events.

Now you're claiming rightful ownership of the brand and wants everyone to stop using it.

Your head is too high up in the clouds, man. Look down and see that your feet is no longer touching the ground.

Thank you for inspiring me to write about your idiosyncrasies.

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