Yes or No? Yay or Nay? Who Let The Dawgs Out?

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Sino pa ba ang kontrabida? Eh di kung sino nagpasimula ng damaging thread na walang gustong gawin kundi mag-ingay at pahiyain ang mga taong inaakusahan ng panggagaya.

Nananahimik ako at pwede namang tanungin privately. Gawan ka ba naman ng mapanirang thread with a ludicrous demand as if he owns every right to stop anyone to setup domains similar to his blog site. Humihingi pa ng freebie. Lol.

if he does not want to accept my explanation, then that is his shortcoming. He is totally making this a huge issue when it is so insignificantly minuscule. If you are truly a great brand, any other brand trying to imitate you will never succeed.

Masyado ng lumalaki ang ulo komo patok sa showbiz features yung blog niya. If I put the same content, pwede pa siguro i-accusse of mimicking his site. Pero mine has totally different content so he has no right to prevent me or anyone to choose a similar domain name.

Bilhin na lang niya lahat ng domain name na almost similar and close to his site para di na siya gagawa ng FB post against bloggers. These bullies do not deserve to demand anything from anyone. Lalo na at nabuko rin ang katotohanan na he kept using the old domain name that started the confusion in the first place.

When I registered the blog, it was never conflicting with any other blog name. It was the same when it was I never encountered any problem registering them. I was not aware that there was an almost similarly named blogsite but with only one Z in its name. Knowing that we both exist, he even changed his domain name to become even closely similar to mine when he made it to a double Z too. So sino ang nanggagaya sa aming dalawa?

But I never minded that because my blog is an advocacy and was not designed to compete with any other blog site. If my intentions were to dominate the blogging industry, I would have done that on my first year as a blogger for

In any case, I believe the best way to resolve any conflict is to keep matters on a private basis to only include those directly involved. But he chose to avoid discussing it privately and resorted to continuously provoke me via the thread he created.

I am the victim here. He only has bullies and bashers as friends, who were sending me private messages telling me otherwise - behind his back. Mindfuck!

Oh, these bloggers are such crazy individuals that deserve their rightful place in the halls of fame. It's a great thing I'm not just any ordinary blogger. Di ko uurungan ang mga mapaglinlang na nilalang.

The world can be a better place if we all just learn how to get along with each other.

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