How to Feed Trolls the Sure and Most Effective Way

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If you want to create some chaos online, post a social media thread damaging to others. It will sure attract a lot of trolls for some online bashing and bullying they would all love to do because it is only online where they can have the guts to do such.

These trolls are usually the ones who are too afraid to face you personally so they would resort to ganging up with plenty of rumor mongering and the likes.

They feed on negativities since that's the only time they feel alive.

Men are said to be basically primitive in attitude regardless of how advance our technologies become. You probably have seen so many trolls diligently commenting on social media posts even when it doesn't involve them.

Their friends would want them to jump in the band-wagon because he wants to get the much needed sympathy from social media friends who never really clearly understood the premise and history of an issue. They usually do not have any factual information that would justify their statements since they would always normally side with their friends rather than the accused.

Sadly, that is how cavemen think. They are all eager to use their clubs, spears, knives, etc., while grunting all over you. They will never give you the chance to explain yourself privately because that would not be as fun as having their other friends to dominate and belittle you.

It's a cruel world where only the fit will survive because most of us still have that non-reasonable hostility within us just awaiting to be provoked senselessly.

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